is a project that aims to establish a digital interactive platform for web and mobile that solves heath, social and economic problems leveraging accountability and the right of access to infor- mation. YouKnow builds bridges between three main groups; decision makers, YouKnow spe- cialists and public, aiming to create environments with enhanced transparency, accountabili- ty, and participation, leading to a positive change. People report, YouKnow specialists mange, visualize, analyze data and convert it into CASES. They communicate with decision makers, create advocacy and campaigning, leading to action and better healthcare social and economic systems.

The goals are:

  1. To expose medical, social, economic and environmental issues and in uence the decision makers to nd solutions.
  2. To create a data pool that is accessible to the public, and that serves as an input for the data analysis, data mining and monitoring unit.
  3. To create means of interaction, bridging the gap between the three main groups.
  4. Raise youth (16-35 years) on the culture of accountability and transparency.
    To empower youth participation with e ective digital media skills utilizing social media networks in advocacy.